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Lyrics that cannot be controlled
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(if you enjoy sarcasm)
Artist | Literature
United States
An Anarchist with a warped personality, and a skewed view of all religions. "Question everything," he said, "but me".
"If you liked everything I wrote, it'd mean you're as fucked up as I am".


Audio Engineering
Cyberpunk styles
Genetics (especially gene manipulation)
Skeet shooting (guns in general. I also collect knives)
Skateboarding (PLAN B!)
Music- Djent, Trance, House, Heavy Metal, Post-hardcore, Drum and Bass, Glitch Hop, Future Bass
Anime = Life

About me:

-I am pansexual.
-I work Mayhem Fest, play a wide variety of instruments, and write lyrics.
-I cosplay and love anime
-Taurus, with a very passive personality.
-I love dark humor, and sarcasm. I think Karma’s a bitch and irony is hilarious.
-I live high on life, and ignore the problems I can’t realistically fix.
-I'm not a professional photographer; I just enjoy dying hair.
-Resident of: Philadelphia, United States
Philly was in the heart of the snowstorm over a week ago. It was a blizzard and we got over 3ft. I was outside during it and did not sleep over the course of those 3 days. My father worked down at the firehouse, and I had to keep his parking space (so he could get in and out while dealing with emergencies) cleared, along with sidewalks. This was EXTREMELY difficult due to the snowplows dumping the snow BACK INTO the parking space, which made a barrier TWICE, that was 4ft high, 9ft long of COMPACTED SNOW. The wind hit up to 40mph and I was actually knocked over when walking thru the snow, using a shovel as a walking stick (this I find hilarious). After shoveling more than 4x a day because our entire area has barricaded inside of their homes, the snow finally ended. However the day BEFORE the snow started I threw out my back carrying wet laundry. So doing all of this pretty much resulted in not moving for a week. I still feel awful now, things have only gotten worse, not better. I am still keeping up with my meds, however the corticosteroid inhaler affects my vision. Everything is blurry and extremely hard to focus on. Even for typing on this screen, or trying to read off my ipod. 

To add to the problem, my newest primary doc is out on leave, and my only option is seeing a temp, who after a very rushed visit, seems to not take me seriously. Even after showing her the PFT results directly (the test that shows my lungs function at 26%), and the chest xrays, she still seemed skeptical saying: "Your lungs sound clear." Yes yes of course they do, hence why my xrays are fine and I just explained everything the pulmonology specialist diagnosed, which is why I'm here because I need a pre-cert. I felt like I was being interrogated and taken for a joke, which wasn't very comforting, especially when she offered mediocre ideas that would be suited for an eight year old asthma patient, not someone struggling with restrictive lungs. I'm hoping she was just having a busy day.

I have a new CT scan scheduled and an appointment to speak with a rhuematologist about my bones/joints. I've been having a horrible time with everything. Every piece of me feels like it's being sawed into, and my toes/hands are especially problematic for the dislocations. I am hoping to get glasses this/early next month for distance, and later a second pair for "computer distance".  I do have a pair of reading glasses for up close, which seems to help a lot. My depth perception has also become worse (for those that didn't know I had barely any to start hahaha). 

Despite all this awful drama, I have managed to buy a box of new red hair dye (: I have some pictures to post from November, dec, and then after I dye it. (I've dramatically cut back on dying it due to these problems, but I cannot live in a world where roots are allowed to be showed, so I make sure to still bleach it monthly. It is currently blonde up top, with purple tails that have been there since October :P )

I wanted to give my few followers another update (because I don't speak with anyone in real life or anyone on here outside of here) so this is the only place to really keep in contact with you all.

I've been back and forth between visits again, however the majority of my time seems to be spent in bed. There are days I get up maybe once for a drink, and that's about it. I don't have the energy to do things (besides what HAS to be done), and I don't have the mental energy to do anything. I clean my room, I clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, wash some dishes, and go back to my hibernating. I am still keeping up with guitar practice, but it is limited. I leave the house about twice a month. Ideally I would like to have at least a new diagnosis and meds before summer starts. I would like to have at least one good part of the year. 
  • Listening to: Get Scared
  • Watching: K-on!
  • Drinking: rockstar


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