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They Make Targets with Clay Now? -Lyrics
Option one is to live catering to the hand,
make another man rich, break your back till you're jammed
Option two is to settle on the streets with the trash,
Thrown on the roads option one had to craft
Each year is another damn summer
Celebrating what's been taken away
I swear if they weren't so jaded,
They'd see what's lain before them
Forced on their knees they'd pray
Leaves fall and I'm underrated
Scream season never ends
Turned to me bottle, smirk and a bag
"Here's to the best summer I've ever had" [x2]
There's a needle here baby with a loaded gun
I can't tell you where I've been
Can't say what I've done
There's a needle here baby with a loaded gun
and I've always loved you in red
Sun in my eyes, wind blowing my neck
Won't turn around, chit-chatter to my back
These monsters preach of other crimes
Acting like they've neglected nothing in their lives
These freaks hide no shame past eyes
Privileged minds can't handle the dirt they shed-
Leaves fall and I'm underrated
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 3 3
Cherry Bomb by RedHeadedBitch Cherry Bomb :iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 2 0
My dad doesn't know (poem)
My dad doesn't know
I've been drinking since twelve.
My dad doesn't know
I fit the body of someone else.
My dad doesn't know
I'm afraid to tell.
My dad doesn't know
I remember how he used to yell.
My dad doesn't know
Why I preferred my fake family
My dad doesn't know
I chain smoked constantly.
My dad doesn't know
Why I never sleep.
My dad doesn't know
Why I chose not to eat.
My dad doesn't know
Why I cut my hair.
My dad doesn't know
Why it's the same clothes we wear.
My dad doesn't know
Why I don't have friends.
My dad doesn't know
Why I talk to myself.
My dad doesn't know
What went on when I moved,
My dad doesn't know
Why I flunked out of school.
My dad doesn't know
How bad it hurts to move,
My dad doesn't know
How hard I try at work;
My dad doesn't know
Why I'm always laid off first.
My dad doesn't know
Why I never chat
My dad doesn't know
Because my dad doesn't ask.
And I'm pretty sure, if I told my dad,
He wouldn't understand, but he would laugh.
And I'm pretty sure, If I told my d
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 4 0
Options and Availability -Lyrics
I'm sorry, I wasn't what you wanted
When you asked god for a miracle
He wasn't sending anyone
So I did my best
I came into this
on my own account
and it's on my own account
in which I'm backing out
It was the plea in your voice
that touched my heart
but it was the grasp of your hands
that left me blacking out
I prayed
someone else would hear me scream
I cried, begging for release
But all I ever got was told I wouldn't be missed
And all you ever got was a slap on the wrist
Of course I HAD hopes
Of course I HAD dreams
But growing up convinces you
there's no merit to schemes
Is there a savior in the neck of these woods?
Is there a soul who truly believes
friendships are a two way street?
Tried to tuck it all away
Barely ever talked
My life was thrown around
from one abuser to another
I was too young to understand
I could have received help
Always told I'd be locked up for how I felt!
Constantly heard I was wrong, only a burden
Growing up I was taught to never speak my mind
Now emotions I
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 5 1
I'll be your I in Poison -Lyrics
I wrote your name in cursive print
perfect like your social achievements
flawless, the same as you see yourself
Keep blaming me
for what holds you down
Hold my neck
Force me to drown
Choke me out till I no longer see my crown
Then throw me in the rose bush
I planted out back
Take the poison I made for you
Hand picked herbs
I never meant to misuse
Take the value of
my new grain
Force it down my throat
Screaming "You should be ashamed!"
Find where I'm less covered
take your sharpest knife
thrust it through the opening
of pure adolescent lines
Yell about your demons
Make them part of me
Fight me till I'm out of self-esteem
It's a long road
a rough way to recovery
clutching at the ankles of those who tripped me
But it's been years
saying don't give me excuses
Problems are contusions
No protection's given, to those who are indifferent
I stopped putting band-aids on when I learned
Infections aren't caught
They're beaten into your bones!
Keep blaming me
for what holds you down
Hold my neck
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 4 5
Sayonara -Lyrics
I know you're bad news
but I have nothing to lose
this situation
bothers me straight down to the bone
It's been a long while
Since I discovered myself
How can you prove truth from deception
when you've always lied to yourself?
I'll never understand and you'll never listen
so I guess it really was pointless.
We saw eye to eye
recognized the countless details
but you changed for no reason
and I'm still who I was
It's not about growing up
it was about staying level-headed
but you're too much of a bitch
Yeah there it is, I said it
Sucked us all dry,
Keep crying wolf
We'll go deaf before we abide
Let's throw a party,
Invite everyone we know
Lock all the doors
Let our true monsters show
Where we can all blame the host
Uncover your eyes
No more dressing up as the victim
Countless crimes you've committed, and for the rest
you're the assailant whose driven
Every taunt, you deserved it
Every curse, you earned it
Manipulated the helpless
Used the bridge, and then burned it
You scre
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 4 2
I didn't make a title for this lol (lyrics/poem?)
You say you hate the distance
I know that's a filthy lie
the miles between us, allow you to hide behind
Every fake line you told me
I was dumb enough to believe
the confidence you gave me
I'm using it to leave
The things you said to romance me
you forgot weeks later
then you mention things you did for girls, like the pictures with flavor,
did it really slip past your mind
that you told me the same things?
You say she cheats, I know the truth
I didn't confront you
all I've ever done is comfort you
The next time you mess up
I wont be there to fix it
You wont answer my calls
August seems so distant
Did you push me away
because your conscience told you to?
Was fucking with a good boys heart
enough to destroy you?
Or did you finally get run down
of being the scum you try to call-out?
Fuck the system we quoted
and I guess, fuck the loved one you left unnoticed.
I won't let misery be the death of me.
I might not move on
but I'll pretend it's no big deal
After all why would you even care
you s
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 1 2
Don't Dissolve -Lyrics (Intro)
They can call me what they wanna say
harmless jabs, no face
Try to make me drown, wring me out
cleansed from all my sins now
I used the alcohol to clean my contusions
Instead of drinking till I could act ruthless
Who determines the scale of imperfect morality?
Like anyone I count calories,
No master key for eluding reality
If I burst into flames
Would my cause of death even be questioned?
Labeled as suicide? Kid with a pyromatic obsession?
Countless policies in position, so outdated I can't digest
Shrugged off claiming imbeciles,
Stating peace- the end result of conquest
As the onlooker I've noticed
countless victims turned silent
Those who see the truth, too beat down to protest
why we still use violence
to settle afflictions is beyond me
but fear settles the masses into believing their perspectives
are reported, meanwhile scum of the earth is appointed into dominion,
Saying freedom of speech exists
Yet the crowds still cower,
Oppressed, grown men and women working for wages
That turn
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 3 1
Your Troubles Were My Obstacles
Your eyes are indolent
and every time you open your mouth
all you do is put down whatever art you create
Frankly my dear, it drives me insane.
You criticize the miraculous visuals you're able to paint with your tongue
Calling it graffiti,
If that's truly the case, leave my childish scribbles alone.
You crave love with a passion I could never understand
as you search for it in the crevasses of someone's skin
but never your own.
That glimmer in your eye that shows when you look at me
As if to humor a wounded animal, cooing life back into its chilled body
You saw me hit the concrete, and still drag my chagrin body to the curbside
Withdraw the affection and leave me unaided
The perfection you rejected still courses through your veins
being reinforced consistently with each action.
These cold emotions I muster, you'll never fathom
Rationally, I mimic how one should in a situation.
I perceive x, I initiate y.
Without a cause- all systems are shutdown; disengaged.
I love you when you don't sp
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 4 5
Ring of Soloman
I know a girl who couldn't handle shit
Dealt with the world and got tired of it
Cigarettes held no appeal
Drugs gave illusions, nothing was real
There was no one to put faith in
Every celebrity was a fraud
Only songs she could relate with
were the ones she wrote on guitar.
Every face acted distant
couldn't warm her cold dead heart
Anyone who would listen 
couldn't understand what set her apart
She's seen everything
Things you wouldn't fashion
Not afraid of cadavers, but the living couldn't imagine
Has to hold full control
Acting out isn't an option
Snowflakes rest only on freelancers
Palms purely reading logic.
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 3 5
Shut in, Shut out, and Shut Up
I tried to figure it out
Why they always kept me out
Segregated and shot down from all events.
You don't look like the rest of us
What goes on inside that head of yours
You need to get yourself checked
Why'd you over react?
Well I wanted to say somethings to your face
but it wouldn't change a thing
too self absorbed and wrapped up
in your twisted ways
Not everything's a production
We don't need another war
but you'd rather fight to the death then let it go
So I shut my mouth
I said nothing
Let you all take me for granted
Let you beat me down with insults
As I washed your dirty floors
I'm so sick of living like this
not enough fluids numb the sores
It doesn't have to be so hard
just maintain all your lousy remarks
you can believe I'm not as good as you are
and honestly that's fine by me
I don't want to grow up
Acting like a clone of you
The world needs better acting ones
Not the sickened who misuse
I am not an infinite resource
I've long paid my dues
A thank you would be appreciated
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 5 10
With All Due Respect -Lyrics
I- should not
be left alone with my thoughts
A recipe for disaster
I'm at the lowest I've been for quite some time
11 in the morning, again I've been up all night
things need to change
I can't lay down
till you come back to bed
85 degrees, I'm wrapped up in blankets
trying to smoke this cigarette.
Bitter and shaken up this week
Either always awake or asleep
these things that eat away at me
even I cannot control
and I don't have a heart to let me fight them anymore
Leech leech leech
eat away at my ankles
the cold that bites me makes it so hard to believe,
the sun can't exist,
only hallucinations
dust from the storm you kicked up when you left 
Let us play house
You be the fighter
I'll take alcoholic over dramatic, 
any time it's granted
Leech leech leech
eat away at my ankles
the cold that bites me makes it so hard to believe,
the sun can't exist,
only hallucinations
dust from the storm you kicked up when you left 
My idea of hell is living forever
Quality of life: surviv
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 2 7
Multiple Assists
He's too perfect to not be hooked on.
Why? Why is it so crazy to be in love with you? You're the person I could always turn to, the person who could understand. Who could always relate to the world treating you like an absolute zero, completely isolated. It wasn't that we were invisible; it was that everyone chose to look away. Putting us out of view meant they didn't need to glance at dirty scum. The irony being their selfish and ignorant ways being the cause. We were the causality. 
A place where every mind in the room was someplace else, except ours. 
We had no place to return to at night, so we wondered the streets, listening and dancing to the hum of the lights. We were not afraid, running with the wild. In fact, we would choose this toxic lifestyle over one that pinned down every event. 
The stray alley cats were not foul to us, neither were the rodents bothersome. It was a pity to see their life style; and even more so disheartening to see how adapted they were. D
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 3 0
And They Said People Can't Hurt You -Lyircs
We haven't spoken in 10 months
I'll admit I'm glad you're happy,
but I can't shake this feeling that I deserved a goodbye
or at least an apology. 
And I'm sorry this songs so mediocre
My guitars missing strings
My emotions aren't what write for me 
It's these off key notes that give me wings
Strength I never had
Just an inner fire that refuses to do anything but burn
Watch me burn down to ashes
I won't really protest a word
sticks and stones they set the marker
fuel for the flames, I cant resist
I'm afraid to be myself when others stand around
not because of judgment, I will firmly stand my ground
it's the silence that follows
I would rather be alone
but the isolation eats at me
I watch the ghost throw the king off his throne
I can't die here, not like this
No one would notice
Obituary settled at "at risk"
I want to be remembered, yet still easily forgot
I know I'm not what you expect
I don't, even know what to expect myself
but it's so hard to sing
and you, woul
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 3 0
Green Means Go, but All I See Is Red -Lyrics
No one else compares to the spells that you share
All the ideas held close to your heart
You're an ignorant liar, a burnt-out at most
I got hooked from the light with your smile
Honey, you know
I'm the saint you're the sinner
Even angels bow down when they're told
Is it that hard to see
You're worth more than chemically exposed
Darling who are you trying to fool?
The blood on your hands is enough to prove
You take what you get,
You took the losing rule
Starting out days then to months
Crying like a newborn
Honey, you know
I'm the saint you're the sinner
Even angels bow down when theyre told
Is it that hard to see
You're worth more than, chemically exposed
Don't hold your breath
Although I swear I'd still love you purple
What am I supposed to say to you
This needs to end
There's enough broken hearts gasping alone in the city
I refuse to contribute to the trend
When you grow up in the gutter
You learn to move or you'll perish
It's a price no one cares to acknowledge just conceal
Honey, y
:iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 2 1
Someone, Somewhere by RedHeadedBitch Someone, Somewhere :iconredheadedbitch:RedHeadedBitch 7 5

Random Favourites

Im not blessed by luien Im not blessed :iconluien:luien 17 0
she's been living on over-doses ever since she was sixteen,
and now that her body's been scrubbed clean inside and out
she just sits in the dark with nothing to do but think about the things she could have been.
a little girl once said "don't be something that you're not",
but that girl was just quoting her mother, who just read it in a book.
the little girl plays alone and hopes that when she's older
she'll have better things to do than sit in a little red wagon that doesn't move.
               her daddy's drug is legal, and her momma's addiction is fed
               by seven-eleven and supermarkets.
       her words go unheard. she's left out to play
       for hours in a grass backyard.
"those friends are trouble, nothing but trouble"
is what her daddy always said
:iconsubstitutesadist:SubstituteSadist 74 52
Sadist's Words
What would you do if you knew?
I get a high off the thought
Of destroying you
Would you beg me for mercy?
Run away from the pain?
Would you be scared
Of the blood in your veins?
Or would you be my precious?
My darling, my pet
A delicate creature
Caught in my net
I could mask you in bruises
And treat you like dirt
Dig my heel deep
Mark you with hurt
I spend my time thinking
Of the colours you’d turn
Of the ways I could cut
And the ways I could burn
I can hear your screams
As I’m lying in bed
I can your whimpers
So loud in my head
But I try not to watch you
As I’m living my day
I try not to stare
And I try not to say
I try not to speak
Because what if you knew
I get a high off the thought
Of destroying you
:iconmyownformoftherapy:MyOwnFormOfTherapy 16 7
logic is a sadist, and we submit to it
perhaps knowledge
is worth all the little paper cuts--
i'm not sure yet.
but even if it is
worth all the blood shed
in its name,
will i survive
the bleeding out?
then the decision 
that must be made;
is if this is a cause
worth dying for.
and yet, what if
this cause
is one of the few
worth living for?
these hypotheticals,
simply more examples
ad nauseum
of the down 
and roundabout
intellectual masochism
we subject ourselves to
until all that is left is madness.
and epicycles of
or should that be
the ever circling
tricks of
logic and reasoning -
no, that's enough,
i'd rather not see
the bottom of this
rotten barrel,
not yet.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 28 14
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RedHeadedBitch's Profile Picture
(if you enjoy sarcasm)
Artist | Literature
United States
An Anarchist with a warped personality, and a skewed view of all religions. "Question everything," he said, "but me".
"If you liked everything I wrote, it'd mean you're as fucked up as I am".


Audio Engineering
Cyberpunk styles
Genetics (especially gene manipulation)
Skeet shooting (guns in general. I also collect knives)
Skateboarding (PLAN B!)
Music- Djent, Trance, House, Heavy Metal, Post-hardcore, Drum and Bass, Glitch Hop, Future Bass
Anime = Life

About me:

-I am pansexual.
-I work Mayhem Fest, play a wide variety of instruments, and write lyrics.
-I cosplay and love anime
-Taurus, with a very passive personality.
-I love dark humor, and sarcasm. I think Karma’s a bitch and irony is hilarious.
-I live high on life, and ignore the problems I can’t realistically fix.
-I'm not a professional photographer; I just enjoy dying hair.
-Resident of: Philadelphia, United States
Philly was in the heart of the snowstorm over a week ago. It was a blizzard and we got over 3ft. I was outside during it and did not sleep over the course of those 3 days. My father worked down at the firehouse, and I had to keep his parking space (so he could get in and out while dealing with emergencies) cleared, along with sidewalks. This was EXTREMELY difficult due to the snowplows dumping the snow BACK INTO the parking space, which made a barrier TWICE, that was 4ft high, 9ft long of COMPACTED SNOW. The wind hit up to 40mph and I was actually knocked over when walking thru the snow, using a shovel as a walking stick (this I find hilarious). After shoveling more than 4x a day because our entire area has barricaded inside of their homes, the snow finally ended. However the day BEFORE the snow started I threw out my back carrying wet laundry. So doing all of this pretty much resulted in not moving for a week. I still feel awful now, things have only gotten worse, not better. I am still keeping up with my meds, however the corticosteroid inhaler affects my vision. Everything is blurry and extremely hard to focus on. Even for typing on this screen, or trying to read off my ipod. 

To add to the problem, my newest primary doc is out on leave, and my only option is seeing a temp, who after a very rushed visit, seems to not take me seriously. Even after showing her the PFT results directly (the test that shows my lungs function at 26%), and the chest xrays, she still seemed skeptical saying: "Your lungs sound clear." Yes yes of course they do, hence why my xrays are fine and I just explained everything the pulmonology specialist diagnosed, which is why I'm here because I need a pre-cert. I felt like I was being interrogated and taken for a joke, which wasn't very comforting, especially when she offered mediocre ideas that would be suited for an eight year old asthma patient, not someone struggling with restrictive lungs. I'm hoping she was just having a busy day.

I have a new CT scan scheduled and an appointment to speak with a rhuematologist about my bones/joints. I've been having a horrible time with everything. Every piece of me feels like it's being sawed into, and my toes/hands are especially problematic for the dislocations. I am hoping to get glasses this/early next month for distance, and later a second pair for "computer distance".  I do have a pair of reading glasses for up close, which seems to help a lot. My depth perception has also become worse (for those that didn't know I had barely any to start hahaha). 

Despite all this awful drama, I have managed to buy a box of new red hair dye (: I have some pictures to post from November, dec, and then after I dye it. (I've dramatically cut back on dying it due to these problems, but I cannot live in a world where roots are allowed to be showed, so I make sure to still bleach it monthly. It is currently blonde up top, with purple tails that have been there since October :P )

I wanted to give my few followers another update (because I don't speak with anyone in real life or anyone on here outside of here) so this is the only place to really keep in contact with you all.

I've been back and forth between visits again, however the majority of my time seems to be spent in bed. There are days I get up maybe once for a drink, and that's about it. I don't have the energy to do things (besides what HAS to be done), and I don't have the mental energy to do anything. I clean my room, I clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, wash some dishes, and go back to my hibernating. I am still keeping up with guitar practice, but it is limited. I leave the house about twice a month. Ideally I would like to have at least a new diagnosis and meds before summer starts. I would like to have at least one good part of the year. 
  • Listening to: Get Scared
  • Watching: K-on!
  • Drinking: rockstar


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